About Us

“All we need is to let African people speak about Africa” – Emmanuel Macron (President Of France)

“Africa’s story has been written by others; we need to own our problems and solutions and write our story.” – Paul Kagame (President Of Rwanda)

African Writers Hq is a Pan-African digital publishing platform dedicated to promoting African stories by Africans. We understand that African stories matter. We understand that telling African stories is good, but having Africans tell African stories is better. African Writers Hq shares journals about Africa’s history, culture, lifestyle, literature and people. We are turning African stories into readable and shareable digital contents.

The Pan-African digital platform is managed by a team set up by Tisfoundation.net.

Our Mission

To serve as a digital Pan-African publishing platform that promotes stories by and/or about Africans. To attract, engage and impact a diverse and global audience and instill in them a genuine curiosity regarding Africa; and satisfy it by informing and educating them on the various aspects of the African lifestyle, culture, literature, and people.

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